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Welcome to TapTools' web site. We are a software company that develops smartphone applications. This website is your support center for all of TapTools' apps. If you are looking for information about a specific app, try the Products tab first.

Please feel free to send us feedback for any of our products (including the web site) in the Contact tab. Your suggestions are always welcome! This is the best way for us to improve both our work and your experience; the feedback that we get from our users is one of the most helpful and vital parts of our development process.

17 March 2014: We've added the documentation page for AR Location Finder to ours Products page. Go check it out! We'll be adding screenshots soon.

11 March 2014: Be sure to check out our newest release, AR Location Finder for iOS 7 devices. It overlays location waypoints on a live camera feed so that all you have to do is look through the view finder to get going in the right direction. It's free to download, so go check it out!

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Admin Eric:
@Fred - It is possible to disable individual placemarks and in pins in Google Earth. There is a nice article about this topic here (all credit goes to the article's author): http://googleearthuser.blogspot.com/2007/02/unclutter-your-view.html
Herb Gilbert:
Propane Pro is most clever. I have generators with 500 gallon diesel fuel tanks. Any interest is an AP for that?
Admin Eric:
@Herb - We have thought about making other app packages for different size fuel tanks, but those developments are still in their early stages. For now, we are gauging (haha) interest in Propane Pro and will base our future actions off of that.
Admin Eric:
@Frederic- We do not believe that this is the appropriate location to discuss this matter. Please use the 'Contact' tab to contact us directly.
Used it here in New Zealand. Easy.


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